Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting Closer

Pre-admission testing went great today. I am left with a couple questions that I thought of after the fact but they can get answered next week.  Levi did great. Wasn't overly thrilled with the nose swap or blood draw but he held up like a champ.  His oxygen level was lower today hovering between 76-77.  He normally is around 79-80.  How he even functions is beyond me, but in five more days he will be in the upper 90's! It was a clear reminder that this surgery needs to be done soon.  It's not optional.  

Levi will be having an AV Canal Repair, a Tetralogy of Fallot repair, and his central shunt will be closed off.  My question left is about the RV-PA conduit.  Not sure if that is part of one of the two above repairs so it wasn't mentioned or if they have decided its not needed.  Levi's aorta is not quite where it should be and he has stenosis above and below his Pulmonary Valve and in the Pulmonary artery.  They plan on dissecting out the narrowed sections of the PA and placing a patch there to widen the space. The valve may need some work as well.  So, I need to ask about the conduit and about the valve.  

Tomorrow is a big day, too.  Mark and I are donating blood for Levi's surgery.  He may not need it, but if he does he will have blood from his mom and dad! I think it's so cool that our  blood types and Levi's are compatible.  In fact, every member in our household has compatible. Isn't God Awesome!  He thinks of everything detail!  It's things like this that allow me to face this surgery with minimal worry and a complete peace.  

Since his tracheal repair, Levi's voice is so much stronger and he talks a bit more.  But on my birthday he blew out my candles!  He was not able to do that before.  I decided to try bubbles, as he couldn't blow those either.  While it was harder, he did it! At first he could only blow one and would be out of air and pressure, but after one week of practicing and building up those lungs he is blowing them continuously and doesn't want to stop! The speech therapist was thrilled  because kids with clefts can't usually blow things because they don't have the right air flow. They tend to try to blow though their nose.  Levi, once again has surprised them! All he needed was more air getting through to allow more force. I guess once his cleft is fixed speech will come easier having this air flow down. 

Can't wait to see what new things he will be able to do after this surgery! Can't wait to see him pink! 

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  1. Wow. Amazing that he's blowing out candles! Go, Levi, go! And I got tears in my eyes when I read that your blood types are compatible. Of course. You're family...