Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 4: Levi is OURS!

Today, October 30, 2012, Levi officially became Levi Matthew Long Hai Warner! At 9am we met in our hotel lobby to do the final adoption paperwork. We were done by 10:15. The orphanage gave Levi an official "Grassland" hat and outfit that is customary to Inner Mongolia. We came up to our room and relaxed until 11:15 then walked to McDonalds. It felt like home to eat some American food!! Both boys went down for a nap until 2:15. At 2:30 we went to the police station to have Levi's passport photos taken. On the way home we drove by the Orphanage that Levi was taken to when he was born. We chose not to tour it since he only lived there the first 7.5 months of his life. Our guide told us it was just as well as the director does not usually allow visitors. Levi is doing awesome today. No tears and very happy. Having fun playing with everyone. Samuel is now telling anyone and everyone "My Levi. Levi tiny." He is a proud brother!!! I think they are going to be good friends. We weighed Levi and he is tiny!! Weighs 22 pounds at 3.2 years old. He wears an 18-24 months size clothing. Good thing for adjustable waistbands! Levi has been hesitant to take a bath. The bathtub is huge at this hotel. I put Samuel in first today and Levi watched. Samuel instantly started splashing and swimming around and Levi wanted in!!! He started giggling as I took off his diaper. I gave him a blue Mr. Bubble head to put in to color the water. He loved that, too!! So fun to see some of his firsts. He also eat pizza for the first time tonight. He did not like it. However, China pizza is not like ours. Very bland and not much sauce. The cheese seemed different as well. I thought it was good, just not what we make in the States. So, hoping he may like American pizza since we tend to have it every Friday night!! Haha!
The Hohhot Children's Institution

Day 3: Family Day

10/29/12 Today Levi will arrive to our hotel. We woke up at 3am, again. Jet lag is crazy. We all got up and ready. After breakfast we went down to the lobby to wait. At 10:30 Levi arrived with Cora. He saw us and ran to me to be held. He let each of us hold him and he loved the backpack we brought him with some toys, snacks, and juice. He especially liked the photo album I made him with all his New Day family in it. It took about an hour to sign papers, then Cora said goodbye. The tears started. This is the hardest part. He cried for about 10 minutes and stopped due to some Pringles. However, he kept pointing to the door to leave. We went up to the room around 1130 where he was quite subdued for about an hour. He was still very cuddly but quiet. Mark took the 3 older kids to lunch so Samuel, Levi, and I hung out. He would not lay down for a nap so we all just snuggled. He kept pointing to the door to leave so we walked the halls quite a bit. Around 4 pm sleep won and he fell to sleep on my chest. After everyone returned he saw the others playing and became more animated and interacted more. Every so often though, his eyes well up with tears and roll down his sweet cheeks. No sound is made. It is heartbreaking. He would be playing then stop and go to the window, nose pressed to the glass, looking out, with tears rolling down his cheeks. It is so hard to try and explain to a three year old about family versus care givers. So we just cry with him, hold him, and tell him it will be okay. Tell him how much we love him. Pray over him. Overall, he is doing very well though. Lots of giggles in between the tears. His little personality is beginning to emerge as he feels more secure. And, boy, does this little guy love to eat! He has eaten nonstop! He has not wanted to take his shoes off nor his clothes. Our room is very hot and he is sweating up a storm, but all I'm good time. Around 6:30 he put his coat on from ND and pointed to the door. Daddy came to the rescue with an ice cream cone and all was forgotten. He loves his backpack so, I thought about putting his jammies in it. Sure enough he pulled them out and chose to wear the tiger jammies. However, the shoes stayed on! It is cute how he keeps putting all his belongings in that backpack. By 7:30 he was acting good. We put him to bed at 9 pm and, yes, the shoes were on. Lol. After he was completely out, I took off his shoes and set them beside him. We have a crib in the room but e choose to sleep with us. :). Levi is a very strong and brave boy!! We are proud of him and how he has done today. Thank you for all your prayers.