Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Gift Awaits?

    One month has already passed since we have been home.  Levi is doing amazing. Then again, he is an amazing little boy! His transition into our family has been incredibly easy.  He has fit right in as if he has always been here.  He and Samuel have had some normal sibling rivalry, but nothing extreme and in between there is much giggling!! The biggest thing has been for Levi to understand that Samuel wants to play with him and help him. Levi tends to push Samuel away when he tries to love on him.  I firmly believe it is a trust issue.  Of course, Samuel needs to learn that Levi likes to do things himself and does not always need brother interfering!! :)  As I write they are both happily playing with Play-Doh.

It has been fun to watch him begin to take part in family traditions.  When we sit down at the table for supper he now hold out his little hands to participate in prayer time.  At the end he wants say his own prayer. Same at bedtime. I wish I knew what he was saying!!

He is also learning to rough house! He loves being chased now, and will giggle with glee. He loves tickle time and wrestling around with Ethan and Daddy.  Sometimes due to his cleft his laugh sounds like a cry and I have to check his facial expression to see if he is happy or not....more than not he is laughing!!!

The other thing we have noticed if he falls or gets hurt he just gets up. No tears. No coming to mommy for kisses and loving.  Just an, "OW" and he is on his way.  Well, this is beginning to change. He sees Samuel and Meg come to me for comfort and will mimic them, even when there is nothing wrong. Of course we make a big fuss so he knows he can come to us for comfort.

Levi is a very affectionate little guy. Loves to be held,  give or blow kisses, and give hugs. Loves to rock and sing songs. Loves to sit on our laps and read books.  He does not like mommy to be too far out of sight, though!  And he will tell you, "I love you."
Honestly, we were prepared for a longer, harder transition and several months of finding our new norm, but our new norm just happened with his arrival.  It was like he was always here.  I should known that this would be the case.  God led us to this adoption. He led us to Levi. So why would I expect a bumpy transition?  God does not call us to something that we can not handle. He does not call us to do something that will disrupt our family or cause disunity.  His desire is to bless us. To draw us closer to Him. Sometimes we have to take that first step. To step out in faith knowing that His blessing lays ahead.  God has given us a wonderful gift in Levi.  We had to take the first step in order to receive our gift.  God was holding it out to us but we had to take it from Him.  I am so glad we trusted God, because I can not imagine our family without this little man.  God has a gift for each of us. His biggest gift was that of His son, Jesus.  His gift of forgiveness and salvation.  Have you taken that first step to receive His gift?  He is holding it out to each of us.  All you have to do is ask and receive. 

If you have, what other gifts does He have for you?  Is He holding out a gift that you have not yet taken the step to receive?  We are thankful for the gift God gave us when He chose us to be Levi's parents!! 

I had to include this last picture. We set up the nativity and I was explaining it to Levi, who was quite intrigued.  He loved holding each of the pieces  When I set him down he ran out and got his cement truck and put it in the manager with baby Jesus.  His gift to the baby. It has since been removed because, after all, a 3 year old has many things to build and is in need of a cement truck! Merry Christmas!!